A Few Awesome Tablet Apps for Students

Tablet Apps for StudentsAre you a student? Do you want to harness the awesome power of technology to make your life easier and improve your test scores? Well you’re in luck! Because there are tons and tons of awesome tablet apps out there – and many of them are 100% free. Many of the apps we’ll be talking about are even great for kids (as long as they have a little help from a parent or teacher). As a quick side note: if you are, in fact, a parent who is considering a tablet for your child, make sure you choose the right one!

Another small disclaimer before we get started: I don’t have an iPad, so most of the apps below run on Android. It’s just what I know and like, so that’s what I found apps for!

Without further ado, here are a few awesome tablet-based apps that are perfect for students and/or parents who have students!

  • Flash King Flashcard Maker Pro.This is a fantastic app whether you’re a college student or a parent of a kindergartener. Everyone – and I mean everyone – can use flash cards. One of the coolest things about Flash King is that you can make two different types of flash cards: single-answer cards and multiple choice cards. So, you can created standard question-and-answer types of cards, or you can make something that more closely simulates a test-taking environment. It’s also just a really simple app to use, which I really like. I hate apps that are overly complicated, and this one definitely is not.
  • Kingsoft Office.Kingsoft Office is one of the best choices for managing your MS Office documents through a tablet. It’s certainly not the best solution for actually creating documents on your tablet (but you probably shouldn’t be creating documents on your tablet, anyway); however, where Kingsoft office excels is in storing, syncing, formatting and converting to PDFs. For these functions, it’s a super easy and convenient app.
  • Google Play Books.This is another great app that kind of transcends age barriers. Google Play Books makes it easy to access and store most of the books you need – from early-age picture books to grad-level text books. One of the things we really like about this app is that it syncs across all your devices, so if you’re reading on your phone or computer, your app will sync to it the next time you log on, so you won’t have to scour your book to find your place!
  • Wikipedia for Tablet.This is the last app on my list. I’m a big believer in Wikipedia – even for younger kinds. In fact, my own kids love  I mean, think about it: Wikipedia provides a virtually limitless source of information on basically anything anyone could ever need to look up. Even better, the information is constantly updated. In my opinion, it’s absolutely invaluable for any student, regardless of age, to be able to look up anything they need to on the fly. Wikipedia is the resource for that, and this app is the best choice to put it on your tablet.


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