Ways to save our environment

ways to save our environmentKeeping your environment good-looking and clean is important to your own happiness. The most gloomy times in history were filled with dirty streets and unkempt homes, such as with the dark ages. In contrast, the happiest times of history were filled with beauty and art, such as with the Renaissance.
Here are a few tips on how you can contribute to a better environment.

#1 Do Not Litter

This tip is quite obvious and known to most of us, but it bears repeating. If you dump your waste on the street or sidewalk, it begins to accumulate. Repeated enough times, our environment can be made to look like a wasteland or a landfill. Nobody wants that.
The usual reason that people litter is that they believe that “one plastic bag” will not make a difference if it is thrown on the floor. The fallacy in this thinking is that if everyone would litter once a day, we would have 7 billion pieces of litter added to our environment every single day. That does make a huge difference.

#2 Take Care of Your House and Yard

You and your family are the only ones that will take care of your own home. None of your neighbors are suddenly going to decide to clean your house for you, this is a job you must do yourself or with your family.
Whether you realize it or not, your house is part of the environment. Passers-by will see your home’s chipping paint, flooded back yard, broken steps, etc. if you do not fix them up. Good advice in those situations would be to get a paint job done, install a french drain and fix your steps.

#3 Plant a Tree

Deforestation has been a problem for many years. Trees will be used for paper unless a new and better resource is developed for making quality paper. Forests are being destroyed as you’re reading this and there is little you can do right now to stop that. However, you can always plant a tree and be one of the few that are making trees rather than destroying them. You can find a tree to plant and grow at Home Depot, they also provide you with a guide on how to plant the tree correctly.

#4 Recycle
Recycling can sometimes be a pain in the neck because it can add a hefty cost to your bills to have recycling picked up each week from your home. However, if you live in an apartment complex, you’re likely to already have access to recycling and can start right away, or you can request your landlord to start recycling in the apartment complex.
Regularly recycling items such as plastic bags and six pack plastic rings can save the lives of marine animals. Keeping the plastic off of the beaches and into recycle bins will reduce the amount of plastic that needs to be manufactured by providing re-usable plastic for companies to use instead.

#5 Carpool, Take a Bike or Drive Electric

The emission from cars have polluted the air around us. It is worse depending on the size of the city and the amount of cars driven in it. For example, if you go to Los Angeles, California and look at the city from a high hill, you can see a layer of smog on top of the city. It is not pretty.
One way to reduce the amount of emission is to carpool to your work everyday. Or, if the distance is not too great you can also ride your bike to work. Another option that is becoming more and more popular is using a full electric car, which has zero emission and thus does not pollute the air.


If you now plan to spruce up your backyard, plant a tree, drive electric or do anything mentioned in this article, you are certainly on your way to helping make a better environment.


Also take a look at this nice infographic for more information:

recycling infographic