Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator Review

Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator ReviewIf you are looking for great epilators, whenever you find yourself about to purchase a Remington model it is a sure hit opportunity. Remington is one of the most praised and well famed brands developing epilator and shaving machines in the market specially for women. Their models have very well designed systems for different goals and they do have as well affordable models like this Smooth and Silky Full Size.Remington is also famous by making great bikini trimmers so if you are looking for something for that area you might wanna check reviews of best bikini trimmer here.

The Full Size name is related to the head cap of the epilator. Despite it not being designed with a pivotal head, the tweezers are on full potency with this wide cap zone. The epilator comes with 42 different tweezers, a number over the standard recommendation for women so a fast epilating session is one of the features of this machine.

Special Design

As we mentioned previously, Remington is always bubbling with new ideas and they have several different models in the market. This one is not only the budget model of the brand but also a more practical, simples epilator to operate. It is considerably much smaller than regular epilators. This makes the machine much more easy to handle, a fit product for women’s small hands. To complement this comfortable sensation on your hands, fully in charge handling the machine, the extremities of the epilator’s body are made with a rubber padding so it won’t get slippery specially if your hands end up moist because of sweating while you are holding it still for several minutes.


The Smooth and Silk Full Size is designed with 42 different tweezers and works with the aforementioned wide open cap head. Like many compact epilator models, it works only on 2 speeds, one for thiner, lite hair and other to pull it a bit more rough for the thicker ones.

Remington is well known for developing machines that are less painful, intelligently designed to rotate the tweezers heads in a way the hair is pulled with precision and right on the root. On the other hand, this model is not water proof, so you have to take some measures before you start the session to smoothen up your skin and make it more easy and comfortable.

You can only perform dry epilating methods, so no lotions or creams are allowed. Once the machine is not waterproof, you won’t be able to wash the tweezers head with water and soap or any other kind of liquid solution. The product comes along with a cleaning brush to keep the tweezers always clean.


This model is also one of those that is corded. This is for many women an advantage since you really want to have the machine cooperating with you for as long as you need. Dedicated batteries cost more, and the corded design of this products also makes it more affordable (costs around 50 dollars on stores like Amazon).

While you cannot use it under the shower and can’t wash it, on the other hand you can plug the epilator wherever you can find a power source and use it limitless.

An Ideal First Remington

If you have never purchased a Remington epilator before, this compact and cheap model is one of the best option to start enjoying the exclusive technologies of the brand. Important to mention, this model is rated 4 stars on Amazon, so is far from being a cheap but bad product, is as great as a Remington could be! You can find more similar models and other epilator reviews on


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