Torque Wrench Sets

torque wrench setsIf you are looking for the best torque wrench set, then you have come to the right place. Torque wrenches are devices that are used to measure the turning force of clasps. They are normally used to tighten bolts and nuts to a specific amount of force as per the manufactures guide. Torque wrenches are made for tightening & not to loosen bolts. When selecting torque wrench ranges, you should consider the unit of measurement. By this, I mean, whether it is in feet to pounds, inches to pounds or newton meters (Nm). Torque wrenches should be used to tighten all critical machineries because using the wrong wrench can lead to damage of vital parts of your machine.
The best torque wrenches are available in a variety of ranges depending on its area of application, technologies used or even the size. The first thing that comes in mind when choosing the best torque wrench should be its simplicity when using it, accuracy and durability. There are many types of torque wrenches. For example, the split beam click, click micrometer and dial wrenches and digital torque wrenches. The later is considered to be the best of all. They are recommended for autos since most of the works are generally in machines and engines. Most of the components in the other wrenches are normally moving during operation but the digital wrenches have fewer moving parts.
Additionally, these devices have heavy springs, which work against the force applied so they frequently require resetting after use. Digital torque wrenches do not need a lot of force to reset since they require slight finger grip to turn reset knob for adjustment. When using this kind of device to tighten fasteners, you are supposed to hear a click sound upon reaching the desired turning force. This varies according to the desired turning force set. There is a scale with a pointer that moves either clockwise or anticlockwise to indicate whether the force has been attained. The device has a lock to guard the device from becoming loose once it is in position.
The split beam click torque wrench is the best because it comes with a calibration certificate. This allows you to reset your wrench scale after some useful work in the garage. The calibration matches exactly as that of the shaft scale in order to facilitate accurate resetting. The Split beam torque wrench handles are of very good quality, hence providing a firm grip to the operator ensuring high performance. These devices are highly durable as they are made from very strong, corrosion resistant and tough material that can withstand heavy work.
Quality obviously attracts high value in terms of money, but you can obtain high quality split beam torque wrenches at affordable cost. For home garage, you can own relatively smaller wrenches so as to reduce on the cost. Dirt particles on threads, size of fasteners and lubrication may affect the reading on normal wrenches but the split beam type overcomes these limitations to give you accurate results for your work piece. You should ultimately go for the split beam torque wrenches for they are the best wrenches the industry has to offer to different kinds of engine components.


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